There are multiple barriers of entry for young adults considering attending a university, but none are more so pressing for the average student than the cost of higher education. All the more costly for those seeking the 150 hours to put toward a certification like the bb电子游戏网络平台 designation. 最常见的解决方案, 对于许多, has been the accumulation of student loans with the promise of future repayment swinging overhead like a pendulum in the shape of Damocles’ inevitable sword.

Or…maybe it only seems inevitable because the alternatives are so obscured by the tradition of debt that they aren’t visible to the untrained eye. “我们必须追逐它," MIbb电子游戏网络平台成员,刚毕业的Angel Stallings, bb电子游戏网络平台, 现在是底特律活塞队的会计协调员, 提到她作为第一代大学生的经历, 和很多人一样, 手头没有一叠钱供她上大学吗. 她和她的合著者, 会计学毕业生妮娅·希尔, share their experiences with avoiding student loan debt in their recently published book, Graduate to Freedom: The How-To Guide of Graduating Debt Free From an HBCU and PWI.

“我们不是独角兽. 我们可不是吃着银汤匙长大的.她补充说,“我们并不总是做得很完美。. 我们并不总是对的.“然而, 更重要的是, Angel expresses her desire to share with others that getting it perfect and landing on your feet are not mutually exclusive. “我贷款了, 在开始的时候,”她坦白, 他说这是一条无债毕业的非传统途径. “I didn’t make time for scholarships as a freshman, hoping the money would just fall out of the air.”

当不作为没能让天下雨时,安吉尔迅速改变了策略. “你必须挤出时间. 如果你的最终目标是没有债务,你就必须有意为之.她补充说,“你必须把奖学金写作当成另一份工作来优先考虑。.”

当她进入本科学习的第五年时, 然而, she noticed that opportunities for second year seniors who weren’t in a graduate degree program were somewhat more difficult to find, which is when she discovered the Michigan Accountancy Foundation (MAF) scholarship. “The MAF acknowledged that a lot of second year seniors were there to get their 150 credits…so that was huge for me.”

事实上, the MAF Scholarship is for full-time accounting students with the intention of becoming a Michigan bb电子游戏网络平台 and have earned 120 credit hours by 8月 of 2022. It awards between 8 – 10 students each year and is currently open for application until 1月. 31, 2022. Accounting majors in their senior year are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, and accounting students that aren’t quite in their senior year should at least start thinking about applying.

安吉尔为那些希望增加就业机会的人提供了一些建议. “花点时间在校园里做志愿者.“志愿服务不仅有利于奖学金申请, 她解释说, 但它在简历上也很好看,有助于建立职业网络. “I think those extra curriculars definitely helped [me].”

最后, Angel hopes her book will serve as a roadmap and lesson so that others can bypass her mistakes and build on her successes. “这并不容易,”她说,但又补充道,“如果我能做到,任何人都能做到.”

参观 加器在线 for more information on how you can apply for crucial funding to help you along on your journey to bb电子游戏网络平台. 另外,不要错过天使的完整资料在即将到来的2022年冬季问题 MIbb电子游戏网络平台连接,印刷版和数字版将于明年1月发售!



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