密歇根州特洛伊,2021年9月14日- 密歇根bb电子游戏网络平台协会2021年奖的获奖者已经公布. The BB电子 Awards are designed to recognize the outstanding contributions of accounting professionals within their communities and the industry at large.

再一次, 确保受奖人和出席人员的安全, the BB电子 will host its 2021 awards celebration virtually on Tuesday, 11月9日, 2021. All members are invited to share in a special presentation to celebrate those striving to make a difference for the public, 这个职业, 和其他bb电子游戏网络平台.  


年度学生冠军奖-Katie Farah, 沃尔什的学生,马斯科公司的内部分析师. Student champions are charged with growing the CPA pipeline by maintaining relationships among fellow students and faculty to encourage other students to pursue 这个职业 while finding support and opportunities through the BB电子. Katie exudes these qualities in her pursuit of multiple extracurricular activities and participating in several BB电子 events throughout the year all while maintaining a 3.9日平均绩点.  

会计学教学及卓越奖-博士. 史黛西. Boyer-Davis, Assistant Professor of Accounting at Northern Michigan University (NMU). This award recognizes educators in the accounting profession for the crucial role they play in shaping and growing the CPA pipeline and the future of the industry. The developer of NMU’s 4+1 MBA program which allows students to sit for the CPA Exam and earn their MBA in just five years, Dr. Boyer-Davis对CPA管道的可及性和扩展产生了直接影响.

Distinguished Achievement in Accounting Education Award – Cathy Shakespeare, 密西根大学会计学副教授. Recipients of the BB电子 Distinguished Achievement in Accounting Education Award are dually engaged both in the classroom and the national forum of accounting for their contributions. 在罗斯商学院任职期间, Cathy Shakespeare spearheaded a curriculum redesign that resulted in not only greater recruitment numbers for the accounting department but improved learning outcomes as well.

年度义工奖- 亚当·C. Schubatis, bb电子游戏网络平台、毕马威底特律审计高级经理. 因为志愿服务是BB电子的支柱, the Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes the dedication of time and talent of volunteer member(s) who demonstrate outstanding leadership and service to both the BB电子 and 这个职业 throughout the year. 在同龄人中被称为“最好的”, Adam consistently demonstrates unrivaled dedication to sharing knowledge and engaging with both community leaders and other members within the association. His commitment to the High School Leaders Planning Committee and BB电子 Mentorship program are but a few examples of his dedication to growing the CPA pipeline and driving 这个职业 forward.

女性值得关注的新兴领袖奖- Jessica R. 博伊德, bb电子游戏网络平台,密歇根人道组织的财务总监. Women to Watch Emerging Leaders are those young professionals that, 从早期, 不仅要主动让自己成长,也要让身边的人通过他们的贡献而成长, 协作和指导.

一个热情的导师和领导者, 杰西卡·博伊德在极短的时间内被提拔为导演. 通过领导几个组织优先事项,如过程改进, deploying new accounting systems and increasing employee engagement, 杰西卡证明了bb电子游戏网络平台是变革的力量.

女性观察经验领袖奖- Loni E. 温克勒, UHY, LLPbb电子游戏网络平台兼负责人. The Women to Watch Experienced Leader Award recognizes those who consistently demonstrate throughout their careers unmatched enthusiasm and passion for 这个职业 through exemplary leadership and service. 她的客户形容她是一个出色的问题解决者,是任何公司的资产, Loni proved her salt as an experienced leader most recently by providing guidance to clients as they navigated pandemic-related policies in the CARES Act, 比如工资保障计划.

女性观察经验领袖奖- Susan J. 高斯, bb电子游戏网络平台/酒精/ CFF, 脑血管意外, 合伙人兼董事总经理, 是奥基夫律师事务所诉讼支持小组的负责人. 她对保持头脑清醒并不陌生, 冷静的领导企业进行一些最重要的交易. Susan is one of the few women in the Detroit metropolitan region who testifies in various courts as a financial expert witness. She has been referred to as an invaluable asset to any litigation team having worked with some of the area’s most prominent law firms, 供应商和家族企业. 

40岁以下大奖- Brittani Shantel Jackson bb电子游戏网络平台, Ph.D. 印第安纳大学的候选人和助教. 今年的新BB电子奖, the 4 Under 40 honorees are recognized as professionals under 40 making notable contributions to 这个职业 and their communities at all levels of experience. Frequently a guest speaker at the Kelly School of Business Accounting Leadership Weekend and PhD Project representative, 布里塔尼·尚特尔·杰克逊作为博士引起了轰动.D. 应聘者不仅关注发展自己的事业,也关注培养他人, 特别弱势的学生, 与她的.

40岁以下大奖- Melissa A. ·赛甘·, 贝克霍尔茨会计师事务所bb电子游戏网络平台、CSEP和税务负责人.C.  同事们都知道她一贯, 积极的鼓励和可行的建议, Melissa致力于通过指导和倡导的方式培养该行业的其他年轻女性. 通过在多个组织的志愿服务回馈社区, 梅丽莎试图向其他年轻女性表明,无论她们的背景或环境如何, 太, 能找到成功.

40岁以下大奖- Regina T. 诺, Capocore专业顾问公司的bb电子游戏网络平台和负责人. BB电子的积极成员,负责老年人护理, 新兴领导者和小公司从业者工作组, 领导力是芮佳娜的第二天性. 在过去的一年中, she participated in numerous BB电子 roundtables and webinars aimed at guiding the business community through the pandemic and its related policies, 包括最近向湖区商会提交的BB电子PPP的报告. 她还在Hospitality Food Pantry担任董事会成员.

40岁以下大奖- Timothy P. 考利, bb电子游戏网络平台,ABV, CFF, CFE和Cowley bb电子游戏网络平台, PLC的所有者. An experienced educator with over 10 years of instruction between his time at Oakland County Community College and Walsh, Tim Cowley has spent much of his career preparing accounting students to enter 这个职业 with their best foot forward. Tim也曾在几个AICPA委员会和工作组任职, 包括它的许多导师项目.

先进股权奖- Sara R. VanderVeen, Crowe, LLP税务高级经理. BB电子推进公平奖表彰倡导多样性意识和行动的个人, 公平与包容(DE&I)在他们的组织和社区内的主动性.  

作为克罗大急流团的领袖&I Council, Sara makes it a priority to add forward momentum to Crowe’s DE&我努力通过发展一个读书俱乐部, hosting office-wide discussions and coordinating educational events. Outside of the office Sara frequently engages with the Boys and Girls Club and the Literacy Center of West Michigan and drives several initiatives with Grand Valley State University such as the Crowe LLP Strive For Progress Scholarship, which is awarded to accounting students from underrepresented groups.

公共服务奖- James N. Lopiccolo, bb电子游戏网络平台, CGMA, founder and managing member of Capocore Professional Advisors. 这个奖的目的是表彰那些为国家作出贡献的人, 服务和奉献社区高于一切,代表职业的最高水平.

在大流行, Jamie has proven his adaptability by immediately shifting focus to tracking the resultant tax and federal aid policies and their impacts to the business community. 他优先考虑参加MIPCA圆桌会议, 开放论坛, 教育专题讨论会和演讲, 所有这些都旨在为企业和其他专业人士提供最新的信息, leveraging his over 30 years of experience to help business owners 和其他bb电子游戏网络平台 navigate the uncertainty associated with impacts from the Paycheck Protection Program, 经济影响灾害贷款计划, 员工保留信用和其他.  

For additional information on all of this year’s honorees and to register, 请关注您的收件箱,等待本周晚些时候发出的官方邀请. And don’t miss your chance to Celebrate with us on 11月9日, 2021!


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