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COVID-19 brought financial challenges to much of the public and forced companies to reimagine how business is done. Congress responded with generous relief, much of which runs through the tax code. National tax and accounting firm Grant Thornton LLP has developed guides to help businesses and individuals with their 年终税收筹划.

“今年年终纳税筹划比以往任何时候都重要,Renato Zanichelli说, 均富会计师事务所税务服务全国管理合伙人. 他说:“大大小小的企业都面临着严峻的形势. Having the right tax strategy will help businesses navigate this time of historic disruption and put them on the right track as a new year begins.”

“Lawmakers dedicated trillions of dollars to keep families and businesses afloat, 但这些条款可能也需要迅速采取行动, 在很多情况下,到今年年底,达斯汀·斯坦普补充道, 均富会计师事务所华盛顿国税局的常务董事. “政府希望把钱送到有需要的人手中, and many of the most generous provisions are tax changes that provide welcome liquidity for businesses and timely relief for individuals.”

Here are key tax considerations for year-end planning for both businesses and individuals:


  1. 加速AMT退款. When the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) repealed the corporate alternative minimum tax (AMT), it allowed corporations to claim all their unused AMT credits in the tax years beginning in 2018, 2019, 2020年和2021年. 冠状病毒的援助, 救援, 和《bb电子游戏网络平台》加快了这一进程, allowing corporations to claim all remaining credits in either 2018 or 2019. 这给公司提供了几种不同的选择来申请快速退款. The fastest method for many companies will be filing a tentative refund claim on Form 1139, 但公司必须在12月15日前提交申请. 2020年31日以这种方式申请AMT信用.


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