What's even worse than having to attend half a dozen Zoom or other video chat meetings during the working day? Attending all those meetings and feeling like you might as well have skipped them because no one was listening to your input or your ideas. That happens much too often to entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, business leaders, and employees.

Fortunately, you don't have to put up with feeling ignored during video chat meetings. 对你的方法做一些细微的改变就会让你的同事们感到惊讶, business partners, 或者顾客会更加关注你说的话. 在《BB电子》的一篇文章中, business communications coach Nancy Ancowitz offers some smart tips for getting people to pay attention to you during video meetings.

1. 对参加的会议要挑剔.

在一个搞笑的TED演讲中,这个演讲已经被观看了200多万次, 信息安全经理戴维·格雷迪(David Grady)抨击了他所谓的MAS, 或者“盲目接受综合症”." It's that bad habit most of us have of clicking "yes" on meeting invitations without necessarily knowing how we'll contribute to the greater good by being there. Instead, he recommends clicking "maybe" (or whatever the equivalent is in your calendar system), and then emailing the person who invited you for more information about how you can add value by attending the meeting. 如果没有令人信服的理由让你去那里, 跳过它,通过电子邮件来查看信息可能是有意义的.

Admittedly, 在一个在家工作的世界里, video chat meetings carry the benefit of letting people who no longer see one another every day feel more connected as a team. At the same time, 这太容易让人负担过重、筋疲力尽了, and it's harder to be effective in a video chat meeting -- or any meeting -- if you're desperately wishing you were just about anywhere else. So be judicious about which meeting invitations you accept and which you politely decline.

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